Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's about time for some street wiffleball

This has been the big backyard activity this past week.
Pitching, hitting and being the umpire.

Did you notice the bike helmet being used as the umpire mask? Camryn can probably only see half the pitches but apparently safety comes first for her.

After watching this for a couple days and many balls being hit to neighbors backyard(one by me),I figured it was time to go old school and play some wiffleball in the street.
Living right next to a high school, the kids rarely play in the street. This was a huge treat for them. We made bases in the street. We used the rules I grew up with(modified where needed). You get 5 pitches only( hit one or you're out), fly ball to neighbors grass across the street is an automatic out, ball rolls under car runner advances only one base, and you can peg out (throw the ball at)anyone 15 or over. Most important, if the other team has been up a really long time with only 1 out and Drew hits the ball on the neighbors porch across the street, it is an automatic 2 outs and 1 more when they are up next.
We played for well over 2 hours and had a great time. A few of us were a little sore the next morning.
The cheerleaders

The fans

These two got confused and thought we were playing gutter ball

The Awesome Teams

And of course, the game ended in a tie.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Look Who's Two!

May 21,2008

I can't believe Peyton's two already. Time is flying by with this last one. She must have known she turned two this morning because she started out the morning CRANKY. She perked up during the late morning when Sammy came over and all the kids went out looking for rollie pollies (sp?). Then two tantrums, happy, tantrum, a walk, tantrum, dinner, ice-cream and bed.

I think she introduced herself and us to the Two's perfectly. Drew had a few phone calls from me while he was at work, so he could listen in on the fits going on while I just laughed and gave him a play by play.

For all the whoopla that happend today I do have to say that 95% of the time she is just a lot of fun. She is a danger girl and takes great pleasure in making me worry. Examples; standing on the back of the couch and tipping from side to side, climbing up the slide, swinging from the top of the slide, climbing on top of the counters and so on while calling my name to make sure I am watching her.

She talks very well, counts to twelve, spells her name, loves having family prayer each night, just started saying her own prayers, is really coordinated(sp?), knows which sibling to go to for the best chance to get what she wants, loves to have her picture taken as long as it's not at a studio, is constantly calling people on moms cell phone, gets excited when she gets a new pair of shoes, loves the water and walks over to Aunt Meems (Amy-Sue)if she wants a hershey kiss.

playing guitar hero with dad

sisterly love

Happy 2nd Birthday Peyton Delaine

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wicked finally happend!

For Rylees' birthday in Feb. we got her Wicked tickets. She has been asking for them for birthdays and christmas' since it came to LA. May 17th finally arrived and off we went with her friend Sierra. The show was amazing. Rylee totally thought it was worth the wait. I will definatly be seeing it a second time and I'm taking Drew with me too. Here are some pics from our day out.

After the show we went around to the back of the theater where we were able to meet some of the actors and get autographs and pics. Thanks for the tip Natalie.
Fiyero (Derrick Williams)

Nessarose (Marcie Dodd)

Madame Morrible (Jo Anne Worley)

and Boq (Michael Drolet)

Unfortunatly, the witches didn't come out because the was another show that evening.
We both LOVED Megan Hilty who played Glinda. She was awesome!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We're So Hip

About a month ago I was browsing through the parks and rec. summer catalog while talking to Amy-sue on the phone. Randomly, I opened the catalog and pointed to a class. I pointed to beginning Belly Dancing. As I read the class description to Amy-Sue I jokingly suggested we take the class. We both had a good laugh at just the thought of what that would look like.
Well long story even longer, I thought Why not take the class. I haven't tried anything new or done something just for me in years. To my excitement, two of my friends signed up also. Thanks Melissa and Melissa.

Tonight was our first class. We had a "good time". I would have loved to say "great time" but she worked my thigh, hip, and stomach muscles to hard for "great". We definitely found muscles that we didn't know about before tonight. It was fun giggling at each other ( the movements are a little unnatural) and giggling at the few very intense students. Question- Why is it that our stomach and chest shake and shimmy freely when we want them to be still, but not as much when it might be helpful with some of the dance moves?

Next week we get to purchase one of these. This wrap will make shimming even more fun.Ha,Ha
I'm glad I decided to try something new and am looking forward to the next four weeks.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all the incredible women who have come in to my families lives have a wonderful day. You deserve it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day out with the girls

I'm really late posting theses pics. A couple of weeks ago a group of us went to the California Utah Womens Boutique. We decide not to attend the luncheon this time and just go to the boutique. As usual in the spring,there were fewer vendors than in the fall but we all were able to find some favorite things.

Rylee and Jessie have come with us to the past couple of luncheons. There are always some girls modeling prom dresses and this year they got to be one of the models. They were so excited. Thanks Meleah for doing their hair and make-up. They looked beautiful!

After pati-Sue treated for lunch. Thanks so much! It was delicious!

That evening Drew took Camryn and Hudson to the Dodger game.(No pics of course.) I took the rest of the kids and joined Amy-Sue and Charlee for dinner at Mimi's.

It was a great day!