Friday, April 18, 2008

Love is...YOU and ME together 4-ever

TODAY IS OUR 16TH ANNIVERSARY! I know it's hard for most of you to believe we could be married that long since neither of us look a day over 21, but it's true. If you're still not convinced, here is some proof.

Drew at 22 years old and Tiff at 21 years old.
Yes, I am taller than Drew but not as much as in the picture. It rained the night before our wedding and the ground was still muddy(not good when you're wearing slippers)so I had to stand on the tree root.

We are definately having more fun together with each and every year.
Here are a few other pics from 1992.

And for this next picture,Yes,Yes,Yes I did make them wear these dresses and again I apologize. My only excuse is it was the day before Easter( hence the theme)and it was the early 90s.

From the left: Tara Maosi(sis),Tami Hardey(sis),Julie Carr(cousin),Kristin Anderson,Kim Clarke, Amy-sue DelBello(sis-in-law), Shawna Spencer, Dee and Dave Hardey(my parents),Me and Drew, pati-Sue and Bob Ashcraft(Drews parents), Jeff Givin,Derek Baker, Dan Hardey(brother), Mike Hardey(brother), Scott Hardey(brother),Brian Clarke.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Yesturday I became 1 year older and hopefully a little wiser too. It was a typical busy day around the Ashcraft home. Drew went to work, the kids went to school, my babysitting kids came over,Drew and the kids all came home, babysitting kids left, Hudson had a 5:00 soccer game, Camryn had a 5:00 baseball game, Cassidy had a cheerleading parent meeting at 6:00 ( thanks pati-sue for filling in for that one), Rylee, Cassidy, and I had YW at 7:00, and Camryn had achievement day at 7:00. We got home at 9:00 to quickly eat some Subway, finish homework, have family prayer, put younger kids to bed, straighten up the house while Rylee finishes her work,get Rylee in bed, take a shower,and quickly write this post.
There definatly wasn't much time for big celebration but it was a wonderful day. Lots of calls from friends and family, text messages and a E-card, flowers from friends, no argueing from the kids, Hudson and Camryn both winning their games,kisses and hugs from my kids,and text messages and calls from my Hun all day long.
I know I have been extremely blessed to have Drew and these 6 healthy kids to keep me so busy. That in its self makes for a great birthday no matter how it's spent.

gifts from 2 of my babysitting kids, Adam and Zoe.and yes that is a bottle of ketchup. They remembered I ran out yesturday making their lunch.Isn't that sweet.

I loved this. Drew had a bottle of my favorite water in the fridge this morning. What a treat! It is not always easy to find but this is the best tasting water. Thanks Hun!