Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wilson Winter Formal

Rylee went to her 1st school formal dance on Friday. She wore this dress last year for the LDS Formal ( it was a floor length evening). She loved it so much she wasn't quite ready to give it up. So with a few alterations she was able to transform it into this cute party dress. I love recycling. Thank you Stephanie for all your help!

Our favorite stylist Megan did Rylee's hair. With a 3rd of her hair in a ponytail,endless curls with the curling iron and 96 bobby pins, We were able to walk out of the salon an hour and a half later with her hair just the way she had hoped. Thanks Megan!!

Rylee and Cameron

The 10th ward girls and their dates.

The whole gang

All the ladies

All the gentlemen

Nothing better then spending a fun evening with a good friend.

All the couples pitched in and were able to get this limo for the evening

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Are Family

The end of October my parents were able to finally get an updated family picture. Three of my siblings and I live near my parents. My sister and her husband were visiting from Virgina and my brother Scott and his family from Utah were able to visit at the same time. I can't believe how quickly our family has grown. My parents started with 6 kids, added 6 in-laws, and 18 grandkids so far. I love that I came from a big family.
My family

My brother Scott's family

My brother Dan's family

My brother Mike's family

My sister Tami's family

My sister Tara and her husband

My parents and all 18 grandkids