Friday, November 13, 2009

She Shoots and Scores!

Camryn had her first Middle school basketball game tonight against Stephens Middle school. Unfortunately we lost(27-34). The good news- Camryn got to sub in twice. She played the last 2+ minutes in each half and scored the last basket of the game. I have to admit I teared up when she made her basket. Camryn plays the same position as the best player on the team( a 3rd year player who is very good) so I wasn't holding my breath that she would get playing time in the first game. Her first time in she seemed a little intimidated and played very cautious. The 2nd time, she came out in true Camryn form with a 1 shot attempt that made a beautiful SWISH sound.
Of course I brought my camera but didn't check the battery. It was dead of course! So no pics of the game. But I did get a few pics at practice yesterday. Here are my favorites.
Running Lines

She usually stays an extra 20 minutes to square off against the assistant coach. She has a lot of fun doing this and gets her more comfortable having much bigger people in her face.

Here is the team huddle at the end of practice. She is in the middle with her teammates all around. The one behind her is almost 6'2".

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Look who made the 6th-7th-8th girls basketball team.(1 of the 2 6th graders)

This 6th grade, 4'6" tall, 69 pound, outside power shooter. She may be small but she has mad skills!

Here's to a great 2009/2010 season!

halloween post

I love halloween but for some reason it took to long to come this year. I don't know if I decorated too early or that we didn't have our party this year but it just really drug on for me. Anyway, here are the costumes for this year.
The butterfly

The W.A.V.E ( navy girl)

The Astronaut

The Race car Driver

The sweet Snow White

The cute Pirate

As always we Trick or Treated with the cousins at Nana and Papas house which is always fun. P.S. I did dress up this year but the battery on my camara went out before I got the group shot. It's OK though, It wasn't my best work this year.